Louisiana Rogue
This wonderfully entertaining picaresque novel by Harold Raley falls in the tradition of rogue literature established by ‘Tom Jones’ and other early novels.

Set in the nineteenth century, ‘Louisiana Rogue’ will take you on a wild, fast-paced romp through all levels of Cajun society in the 1830s. The title page says the book promises to tell “The Life and Times of Pierre Prospère-Tourmoulin, Picketpocket, Thief, Gambler, Fugitive, Undertaker, Barber,Doctor, Priest, Prisoner, Bandit, and Count; Latterly penned in his hand for the gentle reader of leisure, Spanning the years 1831-1839.” The title page claims the book was translated by Peter Tourmoulin. (In reality, there was no Peter, or Pierre, Tourmoulin. The author Harold Raley created all the characters, events, and notes.)

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