Wit and Wisdom

1,Wit and Wisdom

Here are some entries from one of my latest books: WIT AND WISDOM:

1. What the doomsayers predicted finally happened: The world went to the dogs. But          I hear the dogs are sending it back.

2.  Eve became frustrated with her love life and asked Adam if he could turn over a             new leaf.

3.  Who are God’s Chosen People? I would say it’s anybody who’s made it this far                alive.

4. The law of creation: nothing is finished for good until it is entirely good.

5. Common criminals serve terms in prison; great ones serve terms in Washington.             Many of the latter are repeat offenders.

6. Streams, like people, are usually swiftest and noisiest at their shallowest.

7. Noise and haste are sin’s close kin.

8. Our life began before we did. We did not create the languages we speak, the                  ideals we hold, the faiths we profess, the customs we observe, the numbers we             count. Long before we were born, much of our life was already up and running.

9. Childhood is over when we discover that nobody really cares how much our                    bruises hurt.

10. Miserable young wife: “I married this old man for his money. The money ran out             but the old man didn’t.”

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